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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunday, July 11th, 2010, Preops

First, please ignore the dates on my pictures.  Obviously I need to reset them on my camera.  The date is truly July 11, 2010.

Sunday morning Sadie and I made the trip up to the hospital to have her preop lab work done.  I was an emotional wreck.  There had been some issues amongst family and some drama, and dad wasn't going to make the trip to the hospital to be with us.  I finally convinced him that I needed him there. He needed to be there.  Actually it was more my sister, Kathy, who convinced him that it was where mom was going to be and where he needed to be, so while at the hospital (waiting for the wee bag to fill by the lil princess) dad called me and told me he was on his way, and things worked out with the family dynamics.

We spent a few hours getting things done at the hospital, blood draws, etc.   Then as I headed down the hill towards the hotel I passed the turn and kept heading towards the Temple.  I wanted some time alone with Sadie to pull myself together and gain some strength, so we stopped at Temple square and spent hours in the gardens.  We didn't spend long in the visitor centers. Sadie's energy just wasn't up to it.  lol.

We did walk up to the Christus and Sadie was so amazed with the statue of Christ. When we first walked up the circular ramp up into "Heaven" where he stood... she'd pause in her tracks, look up and say "wow". On arriving at the top where Jesus stood a group of Spanish people where listening to an interpreter explain the gospel Sadie looked at me and said.. "sh" and then hollered out  "HELLO"  then "sh" and then "HELLO".  After the introduction, music started to play songs of Christ.  Sadie twirled to the music and paused to just listen.  She spent some contemplative moments at the statue.. and when families or groups would walk up to pose for a picture.. she would try to join in with them. She did this several times.  Silly kid.

 This out in the park where there are fountains and flower. So many flowers and peace on the Temple grounds.
 Dad called and said he was in Salt Lake and where was I.  I told him we were at Temple square and where to find us, so he met us there and spent the afternoon with us in the park too.

Then my girlfriend Sandi called. Her and her two daughters, Stacia and Katie, met as in the park too. Katie had come to meet Sadie at the hospital several weeks earlier when she had her ear tubes and grew a special bond with Sadie.  Stacia and Katie entertained Sadie well for awhile at the park, chasing her around and such.

I had mentioned to dad when he called that morning that Sadie had not yet had a Priesthood blessing. I went to the chapel at the hospital and met some Priesthood holders there and they gave me a name and number to call if I needed oil or a blessing, as I wasn't sure if dad had found oil yet. 

Jeremy called while we were at Temple Square as well and said him and Laura and Maeleigh were on their way to see us, and they met us there as well and I finally got a picture of the three of them together.  :)

We then decided we'd all go to Chuck-A-Rama for dinner.  I called Cassie and told her of the plans and Jeremy called Jessica and Clark so they could meet us as well.  They didn't meet us for dinner, but met us at the hotel after dinner.

Dinner was really nice. Sandi and her girls went with us and they got to meet some of my family.  Our hotel was right across the street. Dad got himself a room and we met as a family in my room.  The kids had so much fun with Sadie.  Maeleigh, Braxton and Sadie played and played, laughing and such.  I got to hold Baylee and play with her.  It was so nice having some of my kids and grandkids with me and to have dad there.  I really needed my dad there with my children and grandchildren.  It's been so hard with mom gone. Even harder than I ever thought it would be.  I need to feel family around me.  Life changed so dramatically with mom passing and not being there to hold everything together.  The evening was an absolute delight. Even Joni got online and played a small part in the evening.

Before everyone left for the evening dad participated with Jeremy and Clark in giving Sadie Mae a Priesthood blessing with Clark anointing and Jeremy giving Sadie a blessing. 

All was in order...The kids left for home after hugs and comfort given...and we attempted sleep. Sadie slept, well, yet glued to my side.  She knew something was going on and I believe a little unsure and anxious as well, but the day in the park and having the kids around to wear her down she slept.  She ate well at dinner, which would be her last for a few days.  She guzzzled drinks and ate whatever she want, fries, ice cream, pasta's, and such.

Sunday started out very tense and I didn't think I could make it through the day.

Sunday turned out to be a very very good day.

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