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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday, July 10

The day had come.  It was time to head out and make our way to Salt Lake.  Sadie was excited because we were "going"... she loves to go.. go.. go...I did the last minute every things from making sure I had everything packed for the lap top so I could work, phone chargers, batteries and camera, and clean 
I so drug my feet getting out the door.  I didn't want to leave home.  I packed the last of things in the van, buckled Sadie up and backed out of the driveway.  I went through the garage and closed it and proceeded to lock up the house.  As I passed through the living room I paused at the picture of Christ and the little girl I have on my wall (painting by Greg Olsen, Forever and ever) I fell to my knees and once again poured my heart out and prayed we'd have a safe trip and to help me through the following days.

The first stop was in Eagle Mountain to see Jessica, Braxton and Baylee Ann.  I got some sweet pictures of Braxton and Sadie playing together. They have a blast together and get out of control silly.  Braxton will be having open heart surgery following Sadie's in September to have a hole in his heart patched.  He said to his mom one day after asking about Sadie getting her heart fixed... "Mom, Sadie and me, We have special hearts)"  and yes, they do.

We then headed into Salt Lake and to the hotel where I'd made us reservations. Cassie had flown in to be here through the surgery and such, and we met her at the hotel.   We hauled stuff into the room, and right now I can't remember much else of that evening.   Dad called and wanted to come down, and I had told him before when we visited over the 4th that he could stay over with us if he needed to when he came to Salt Lake to be with us the first few nights.

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