Sunshine Sadie Mae

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Postop Day 3, Thursday, July 15

Natalie Clyde and her husband had visited me and Cassie in the waiting room, Tuesday night, I believe and brought us a care package. Junk food and m&m's for me :)  Sadie a princess nightlight for her princess room and a strawberry shortcake sticker book, and Katie had brought Sadie the stuffed lamb which she adores and laughed out of control when I'd give it to her and say baaaa....baaaa.  She was asleep when Katie saw her, so I took a picture of her with it for her.

Thursday we got moved to the floor.  Yipppeee.. Finally.   I set up my lap top and got some work done as Sadie continued to watch Tinkerbell.  That morning in NICU the nurse had got her out of bed when she was trying to do it herself and she very unsteadily and weakly walked a bit down the hall to find a video and toys.

By Thursday night  she was running the halls on the third floor saying hi.. hi.. hi to everyone and bye bye as she drove around in the lil coupe toy car and playing with her toys.

We were so ready to go home.

However, still on oxygen when sleeping and during the night as her sats wouldn't maintain while she was sleeping.

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