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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Postop day 4, Friday July 16, 2010

 Sadie actually loving the sticker book and tried really hard at sticking the stickers on the pages. She really loved doing it.  It's the first time she's ever wanted to do the sticker thing. 

 Waiting and waiting for discharge.  Sadie decides to make a phone call on her princess phone and make my bed while we were waiting and waiting to be discharged.  (that bed was so NOT comfortable and sleep did not come)

waiting and waiting in the van after discharge with Cassie, singing kids songs, while mom is waiting and waiting at the pharmacy for meds that had been called down and not ready... grrr.... (car is running and a/c on in the hot weather)

After the cardiothoracic team meet early Friday morning they agreed to release Sadie to home.  I knew it would take awhile to be discharged, but had really expected to be gone by noon.  NOT.   I asked the nurses when it would be a good time to check out of the hotel Cassie was in, so as not to miss the physician, etc., she sent me right then.  I wasn't gone 20 minutes and I missed the physician, of course!!!!  It took hours for her to get back to us to start the discharge process.

Jeana had called and said she was going to Jessica's to do a Mary Kay party that evening.  I told her to hurry and come early and we could see her.   She ended up beating me to Jessica's in Eagle Mountain.

Finally, by 2:00 or so we were released with a tank of oxygen and orders for more, a followup appointment, orders to get a sleep study before her followup appointment for sleep apnea and then continued oxygen RX from doctor after that if found to be necessary, pain medicine and Lasix, and we were off to Eagle Mountain in heavy traffic in an over-heated Barney mobile.   I was so ready to go home.  I was too tired to cry over having to go back to the oxygen bit again.

I picked up a party pack at Del Taco for lunch for Jessica, Jeana and I, and stopped in at Jessica's for a late lunch and visit with 2 of my daughters, grandkids Braxton and Baylee Ann.   I was worried how Braxton would take Sadie's scar and bandages, knowing he'd have to have his heart fixed in the following weeks.  He did well.

I let Barney cool while at Jessica's, but I smack myself for not adding antifreeze at the time or at least checking it.  We ended up running the heater in heavy traffic again from Jessica's to Nephi, and I begin to majorly stress.   I couldn't have Sadie exposed to the heat on water pills and recovering from heart surgery, yet I couldn't explode the van in the middle of nowhere either, and Cassie knew even less about cars than I did.

We stopped in Nephi to top off the gas tank.  The engine was so hot that when I removed the gas cap gas sprayed out all over me, and I went into the mini-mart to get use the restroom, bawl, pray and buy more antifreeze, Diet Coke and something for Sadie to eat.  It was a Chevron and I ended buying her the Breast Cancer awareness car and Jazz  She loves them.

And we headed out, once again, watching the temp gauge all the way home, but home we made it.  Home sweet home.

Got everything unpacked and in the house and crashed.  Sadie was happy to be home.

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