Sunshine Sadie Mae

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Postop day 1, Tuesday, July 13

Sadie slept most of the day Tuesday, but towards late afternoon became more alert and drank more liquids and was even offered fries, which she pushed away.  Today they removed the femoral line in her groin, which was traumatic.  I'm trying to hold her arms down without hurting her upper extremity and the nurse is trying to hold down her legs as she attempts removing the IV.  In the struggle Sadie snapped off her PEG tube to one of the chest drains.  The nurse calls over some more help.  The peg tube had snapped right off. They said this was only the second time they had seen this happen. The first time they ended up rigging it somehow to make it work.  They called the surgeon for recommendations.  As this drain wasn't draining hardly any fluid he opted to have it pulled and hope for the best, so we went through the drama of having to pin her down again and this time after removing the tube, cinch up the stitches there to close the hole. She was soooooooo not a happy camper.  Apparently, she didn't think they were removing things fast enough and helped out with that PEG tube.  Funny now that things turned out okay.. but it was so not funny then.   Things have gotta be more eventful than it should be with Sadie Mae.

Sadie was doing remarkable well, otherwise.  She is such a tough cookie.  

Dad had come up to the hospital with me Tuesday morning and stayed awhile to make sure she was out of the woods before he headed back to Cache Valley.   I'm so glad he came to be with us.

Monday night they let Stacia and Sandi come back into NICU to see Sadie, and Katie was upset she couldn't, but we asked permission the next day and she was able see her later in the week.

Now, I'm writing this almost two weeks later and my days and events of most things are becoming a blur. Hopefully, I'm getting the facts on who visited when and what on a correct time line. If not.. consider the state of my stressed being.

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