Sunshine Sadie Mae

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Postop Day 2, Wednesday, July 14

Wednesday Sadie was perking up and getting more sassy.  They found a DVD player and I got the Tinkerbell Lost Treasure DVD that Cassie had brought her and she watched this nonstop over the next 48 hours or more.

By evening the other 2 drain tubes had been removed (not without a struggle and finally the IV in her neck, leaving the IV in her hand and oxygen.  The outer bandage from the chest incision site was also removed exposing the wound and steri-strips to the air to keep dry.  Though she was still on the medication to make her heart pump they considered moving her to the surgical floor to a private room on the floor that night, but there were no beds open, and so she spent another night in NICU. 

Sadie was doing remarkably well.

I, however, was totally exhausted.  At shift change at 7:00 the nurses told me to not come back that night unless they called me and to get some rest.   I left the hospital anticipating a nice long hot shower, a couple hours of work at the computer and an early night to sleep.   However, when I got back to the hotel my Uncle K was there with Cassie and they were waiting for me to go to dinner.

I was so wiped out and not with the program that for the second time since our arrival in Salt Lake on Monday I nearly got into a car accident by pulling out in front of a vehicle at an intersection.  Sunday was the first time when I had Sandi and her girls with me... with both incidences everyone is yelling at me and it was like slow motion in registering in my brain what they were telling me.

Dinner turned out nice, but I was totally spent.  I didn't get any work done Wednesday night and knew I wasn't going to make my line count for the pay period, but I was at the point I just had to let it go, and gave into the idea of sleep. 

Just as I was preparing for a shower the phone rang.  It was the hospital. Sadie was crying and the nurse couldn't get her to take her oral medications.  Sadie had slept a lot all afternoon and I think didn't get pain medication early enough, so she was very uncooperative, so I went back to the hospital and got the medicine down her and consoled her, and after a couple hours drug into the hotel and collapsed.

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