Sunshine Sadie Mae

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Day at the Zoo

I went to the zoo Saturday with my sisters,brother-in-law, and nieces, Kinley (who is more like my twin), Madilyn and Brooklyn. I'd been sick with a sinus infection, but woke up with my usual smile, so mom decided we'd try the trip to the zoo. I started hurting and crying on the way to Salt Lake. Mom was worried. I wanted to tell her where it hurt, but I didn't know how. I never cry, unless I'm in pain, so I guess that's how mom knew something was wrong.

The zoo was busy. Kinley sure loved the monkey's. She loves all animals. I don't like them much, but I did smile and wave a little at the 2 bears playing with each other. Mom decided to leave the zoo early. My sister, Joni, noticed my tummy was big and tight and told mom...then mom became really concerned, so we went to Primary Children's Emergency Room, where I got x-rays, an IV line with fluids, and when the x-rays came back showing a blockage in my colon they did an enema on me. Mom says I'm really brave. I didn't even cry when they stuck me with the needle for the IV. Kinley insisted on being by me and played nurse to me. I just wanted that IV out, and kept tugging at the tape and gauze. The nurse did a really good job at keeping it on me tho.

After the enema produced a good bowel movement, so they let us go home. Me and Kinley slept the whole way home. Boy was I happy to be home. I woke up for my night medications and watched an episode of Elmo's World, and slept the night through. I'm really tired.