Sunshine Sadie Mae

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy #4 Birthday Sadie Mae

Happy Birthday to Sadie and God willing and good surgeons may she have many many more to bless our lives with. It's a very sentimental day for mommy. Every day God blesses me with her is a very precious gift.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ear tubes in and went well

The day started frazzled. We headed out at 9:30 giving me 4 hours to get to Salt Lake. Over an hour on the road I discovered I'd left my purse home, so I turn around and headed back home, called the hospital, bawling, and they worked it so we could still get the surgery done today, which I'm very thankful for because I'd have to change her heart surgery as well.

The surgery is so simple, taking less than 20 minutes and
Sadie did really well, but because of her heart they are keeping us overnight in observation. The nurses attempted calling the doc to discharge us early, but he didn't answer, so Sadie has been rearranging the floor and climbing the walls. I'd gladly make the drive home in the middle of the night. I'm not looking forward to 4-7 days in the hospital with her in July after open heart...nothing slows this lil chickie down.

Thank you to my good friends and family for your support, and for the prayers. I have felt the strength it has given us and blessings to get through a simple surgery, yet stressful as well.

Doubly hard today is that it is the year mark of my mom passing away. Life here is so short.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heart Surgery Date Set

Sadie's open heart surgery is scheduled for Monday, July 12th.
She has to be 6 weeks out from her ear surgery and stay fairly healthy til then.

So, ear tubes this Friday, May 14th and then the open heart July 12th...both at Primary Children's Hospital. Hopefully with the ear tubes in she won't get sick and can stay off antibiotics and build up her immune system.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pray for Sadie Mae

Sadie is having tubes put in her ears May 13, next Thursday at Primary Children's,
and I'm awaiting scheduling at Primary's to call me with a date for open heart surgery
that needs to be done in the next 2-3 months due to a newly developed condition,
in addition to her pulmonary hypertension and leak. I don't have a surgery time for Thursday yet, so I don't know if I"ll head to SLC Wednesday or not, but they will keep her overnight due to her heart.

The reasoning for doing the ear tubes first is that she has had so many infections since her others fell out in December that she is immune to nearly all antibiotics, and still has a hole in the left ear, the smallest one, so if we did heart surgery
right away it would be labeled a "dirty surgery" and antibiotics they load her with wouldn't do any good to ward off endocarditis or other life threatening infections from surgery.

On her routine yearly followup ECG they found a subaortic membrane with a pressure of
over 60, with high normal being 20. This has never been seen before on any of her studies and is congenital and can and may have damaged her valve, which we won't know until she is in surgery. There is the possibility this will regrow and will need removed with more open heart surgery in the future. He took her off her bp medicine for her pulmonary hypertensionfor now as it isn't doing any good because of this other problem...

What the cardiologist told me is very concerning is that this has never been seen before, that it showed up suddenly and large, and she is at risk for heart attack, etc., You can actually see and feel the thrill in her throat where the pressure of the blood is pushing through this aorta. He then asks me if I'm going to be alright.
Well I thought I was until he asked me.

Both this problem and her pulmonary hypertension affect her pulmonary function as well.

You'd never know her heart was in such fragile condition as she runs nonstop and is
into everything as of late. She is saying more and more words, carries her stool around with her to do "dishes" for me and clear cupboards. I can't believe she is turning 4this month. She is still very much a 2-year-old.

Life is so fragile. Please handle it with prayer. Please remember our Sadie Mae in your prayers.I'm far from ready for her mission to be over here on Earth. I've always feared that God would take her back home once I got my life in order and Temple ready again, and now that fear could very much be a reality.

Life was looking so promising for a short while there and I finally got us a home, and now not only Sadie's health, but the one person, next to God, I need right now, has turned his back on me.

I'll get through this. I'm strong... (like that makes it all better... it's not..) Being strong does NOT mean you don't need someone to hold your hand.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Visit To Jessica's

This would be after we got home on Monday, April 26, Sadie decides she wants to dress herself, and she's gooood. lol

My Tulips bloomed Pink, Imagine that! I knew this was the home for me!!

We took Baylee Sadie's crib and picked up Sadie's new bed and put it up in her room. She loves it!!!

Sadie in the Cemetery. We drove to Honeyville from Eagle Mountain to visit my mom's grave on Sunday. It was my second time back since she passed away last May. The tears flowed all day. I got the hate e-mail from the boyfriend ex upon my return to Eagle Mountain that night, and then the news of Sadie's heart condition and upcoming open heart surgery the next day. I've been a wreck since. Too much to take in, mourning mom with the visit to the cemetery, learning my boyfriend has dumped me through his ex-wife and that she is coming back to him, and Sadie needs unexpected open heart surgery again for a whole new problem. When it rains.. it shits!!!

Me & Baylee Ann at the playground.

Baylee Ann posing for an Anne Geddes photo Dang she's cute.

Braxton & Sadie Mae having a blast. They played so well together. Both will be having open heart surgery this year. They have more of a bond than just Aunt and Nephew...

Braxton and Sadie Mae totally faking asleep. Those two together do not sleep!

Braxton and Sadie Mae in the toy box.. best part of that is.. Sadie couldn't climb out. Kept her out of trouble for a

Beautiful Baylee Ann

This would be Me, my granddaughters, Harlyn (Jeana's girl, who is very tired) and Baylee Ann (Jessica's daughter) On Friday when Sadie and I arrived in Eagle Mountain.