Sunshine Sadie Mae

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sadie's weekend

After trying for months I finally did it and I can do it repeatedly now. I can fit mega blocks together!!! Mom was so excited... she cried. ha..ha.. and took a picture, of course. She's so proud of me!

Mom also got out my toy bucket and other buckets and let me play in the water outside. Summer's over and we finally got out in the sunshine. Mom and I usually are so brown by now from living at the swimming pool all summer. This year we went 2x. The year has just flown by us. I had so much fun! I also figured out water comes out of the hose and was really fascinated by it. Mom sure had a good time soaking up some sun and watching me play. I don't like to walk on grass or play on grass, so I kept trying to get to the bucket a different angle through the rocks, but that didn't work good, so I stayed on the pavement. I'm so OCD about some things.

Our neighbors invited us over for Michelle's Birthday (the little girl who lives 2 doors down). She turned 4 and got a swing set for her Birthday, so mom and I went over and I played on the slide. I wanted to swing, but I can't balance on regular swing seats, so I stuck with the slide and jumping on their tramp or tried to jump. I usually just sit and bounce, but this time I actually stood up and tried bouncing myself. I'm trying really hard at doing things.

I was really excited this morning to get on the bus. I came home and at first was excited to see mom, but I turned around and looked at the bus and cried, which is very very unusual for me. Mom hugged me and took me in to feed me lunch. I threw my food on the floor and screamed. I drank my milk, but was still very grumpy. Mom noticed they changed my shirt at school, which isn't a surprise. I've been drinking out of my sippy cups really good for a very long time, yet in the last couple weeks or more a lot of times I get too much in my mouth and let it run down my shirt and onto my pants in large quantities, soaking everything. Mom's really puzzled why I'm doing this. Mom tried putting me in my crib for a nap and I threw my blankets, George and my binky out and cried and screamed, again very unusual for me. Mom then rocked me and sang Baby Mine to me til I fell asleep.

Hopefully I wake up happier this afternoon.

But mom has a feeling we need to work on communication and behavioral issues more. I'm so frustrated, and mom is too. She wants to help me, but doesn't know what I want or need. I learn things, do them well awhile, and then don't do them again.

I'll learn.

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