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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More about School

I get so excited for the bus in the morning that I don't eat much. I just want my shoes and backpack and out the door. I pause in the driveway when I see the bus coming and flap my arms and squeal. Th love riding the bus. I come home just as excited to see my mom and she is very happy to see me. She says she really misses me when I'm gone, but happy I'm learning so much.

We are learning about colors and shapes at school and I brought the mouse hunt game home and signs to learn for my colors. Mom wasn't too excited. She was hoping we wouldn't have keep learning sign language, but guess what... we are! Mom doesn't think she can learn to easily, but for me... she will. A friend directed us to a link that actually video demonstrations of actual people making the signs, which mom thinks is a lot easier to learn than trying to learn it off a paper.. So let the fun begin.

I'm understanding the word "No" more and more. Order and discipline in school is a good thing. Sometimes people forget I'm not actually mentally 3 years old, but more closer to 2, and expect me to act more mature.

Mom got Direct TV yesterday so now I have a lot of TV I can watch, but I was so tired last night and got overstimulated by watching a show about whales in the water that mom had to turn it off and get me ready for bed. I love water.

I like to have the bath water running when I'm bathing and I can turn the water on myself, so mom lets me run it and when the hot water is gone, my bath is done, and I pitch a fit about having to get out. I'd stay in there until I turned blue. Mom says we need to find a pool around here so we can go swimming and get me some lessons.

We haven't been to church here yet. Mom chicken's out every week. One week I was sick and last week mom was too emotional. So, obviously we still don't know anyone here, and things fell apart with the few people we do know here, and yet mom still feels we are supposed to be here. It's strange.

We miss our family a lot and mom told Kinley that maybe in October we'll go visit on a weekend for the pumpkin walk and take our walk and do pictures at First Dam like we do every year. Kinley's having a hard time with us being gone. She thought she was going to see us when she went to another Grandma's party the other night and she cried and pitched and fit and wouldn't give the other Grandma her picture she colored because she said it was for "her marmma" (which is what she calls mom). Mom cried when Jeni told her how hard it was to get Kinley calmed down. Mom said moving here has been much harder than she thought it would be, especially given the fact that she was possibly mistaken for the reason why we are here and sad about that.

Another thing we have learned here is that I can't leave my sand bucket out or my balls out because the wind blows here all the time and blows things away. We had the mountains surrounding us back in Cache Valley and rarely felt any wind. There are also a lot of rocks!! I love to sit in them and play with them, scooping them up, etc., and I also like putting them in the mouth, which mom says NO to and "pft".

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