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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My school year begins August 2009

Last week I started preschool here in Cedar City for the first time. I love riding the bus and my new aid. I can't wait for the bus to come in the morning.

My new word is yay..yay... yay... and I clap with it sometimes. So my 2 words as of now that I use consistently are yay and bye bye. Mom thinks she heard me say "ok" a few times. Today while I was getting off the bus I tried to say backpack. I learn so much at school. I really like the other children.

Mom has the front room together and the boxes out of it, but our bedrooms still need some work. Mom set up the sewing machine in her room and sewed some burp rags for Baby Benjamin (my new nephew coming any day now).

Last week we had company, Cassie and Braedan. We picked them up in Salt Lake last Saturday at the airport and took them back to Salt Lake this Saturday. Last Saturday we met my sister Jeni, Thomas, and my Kinley and Madilyn at the zoo and had a really good time. I've really missed Kinley. That's the hardest part for me and mom, being away from my siblings and my nieces and nephew. Mom's real stubborn though. She is still holding her ground and her belief that we belong here. I won't argue. I seem quite comfortable in my new surroundings. I love playing in the rocks with my shovel, prancing around on the porch and marching up and down the sidewalk. We are doing okay. Things aren't much different here than they were before our move, other than we don't see family at all versus occasionally. Mom says it may take us awhile, but we'll know where we fit in and belong eventually. Until then we have each other and that's good enough for me.

The zoo was fun. It's really the first time I noticed the animals and when I was allowed out of the stroller I ran... ran... exploring everything. I loved the bears. I even tried to say bear.. bear, but I did clap and say yay..yay.. Mom's favorite part was the carousel. Mom loves carousel's. Mom cried on the way home some. Kinley thought she was going home to grandma's house with us, but she doesn't understand grandma lives far away now and we can't just go to McDonald's every week. Mom says, though, that doing what you feel is right sometimes requires sacrifices and takes a lot of faith and perseverance to go through with things, even when it seems everyone seems to disagree with her decisions.

I've grown some. I can now reach the kitchen cabinets... yay..yay..yay.. more things I can get into and toss around. Mom put the trash can in the laundry room. She's really wondering what she's going to do when I learn to open doors.

I really enjoyed having Braedan around to play with and sometimes annoy when he was trying to play video games and such, but we loved playing ball and such. I love my mom and all, but she gets busy working and doesn't have a lot of time to sit down and play with me. She wishes she did. But, then, kids can be a lot more fun than mom's sometimes. I love to watch videos and I stick my nose right up to the screen and interact with the movies I'm watching. Cassie spoiled me while she was here and bought me a new video about Strawberry Shortcake and springtime, and a new outfit for school. She was so happy to see me. I like to make people smile and feel warm inside, and see their faces glow in my presence. We get stopped often in public by strangers who just want to say hello to me and tell mom what a special gift I am.

That I am, a special gift. Mom thanks Heavenly Father daily for me and the blessing I am in her life. She doesn't feel worthy of me and often feels like she's not giving me all that I deserve, but she thanks God every day for me, for giving her purpose and a reason to smile.

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