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Monday, July 27, 2009

Me and Mommies Road trip.

I went on a road trip with my Mommy this weekend. New places usually set me back a little and when the sun goes down I'm really anxious and antsy, wanting to get back to my own turf. Mom was a little worried I wouldn't do so well away from home, with my schedule interrupted. I surprised my mommy a bit this weekend, but feeling right at home in our environment, inquisitive and exploring things right away, innocently and not so innocently. I loved the dogs (the dogs dish), the water bed and one other thing a lot.. that mom is having a brain fart over at the moment.

I'm a good traveler. I didn't mind the long drive to our destination and I slept on our return trip.

One night we went to a BBQ with family of the people we went to visit. Immediately I went exploring for things to get into and I went for mom's drink and spilled it all over the patio by doing one of my famous table cloth tricks, which I attempted several that evening. I then proceeded to sit in the spilled drink and lie down and tried to suck it up off the ground. My mom spent much of the evening trying to keep up with me and saying "Sadie! noooooooooooooooo" She says that a lot. Other adults tried to keep their eye on me, a little worried, I think, what I was up to. Though I was blessed to be a ray of sunshine, I'm not sure I shone so bright that night or was very impressive to the company we kept. Mom says she isn't sure either, but that it's okay. It doesn't matter how others perceive me, only that I'm special to her and to God, and I'm learning mortal life at my own pace and with lots of vigor as of late.

One night we went fishing. They were worried I'd be a handful around the water and mom even considered not even going to this outing!! But, we went. The rocky terrain and slope to the water held me back and I did try to restrain myself when mom kept trying to explain to me what fish were and only fish swam in this water. I got curious about the fish and I've even made up my own word for fish.. it's kind of a hissing sound under my breath. I remember something about fish and fishing from preschool lessons a week or so ago. Mom took one picture the whole trip. (she was really scared to attempt taking many pictures, which is strange because she loves her silly camera and capturing special moments with it)..She tried to get some pictures of me at the fishing hole, but I was too busy trying to get to the water. She uploaded the only picture she took there and I immediately recognized it as the "fishing" place and when I see that picture I try to show my excitement for that day by flapping all four extremities and saying my "fish" word repeatedly.

We got home from or trip last night and I struggled with sleeping in my own bed by myself, which I normally would prefer. I finally went to bed good, but woke up crying (and I rarely cry) at 2:00 and ended up falling asleep in my mom's bed and stayed there the night cuddled up to her, which isn't my norm either. I usually want my space, but I learned cuddling over the weekend and I think I like it.

I was happy to see the little yellow bus this morning and enjoyed preschool, and was happy to go down for a nap in my crib. Life seems to be going back into a routine again, but I'm still very curious about what that trip was all about, but then again maybe I know more than mom and these folks think I do. I wish they'd take note sometimes at what I'm trying to get across.

I think my mom doubts things more than maybe she should. Life is meant to be lived and loved. I keep trying to get that across to people here. Life is short and not meant to be wasted on daily trivial matters that in the long run have nothing to do with our purpose for being here.

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Lily said...

Oh Miss Sadie we took Lily fishing this weekend! She caught 3 little fish! It was a good time. I'm glad you and your mom had a good weekend. Tell her you are right when you tell her that life is meant to be lived and loved