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Sunday, July 12, 2009

May 2009

I've had a busy month. I graduated from the up to 3 program and had my last day at Aggie preschool and my records have been turned over to the school district. I spent a lot of time in may having evaluations by various therapists to end with the Up to 2 program, and then even more for the school district.

My siblings, Jeremy, Jessica, and Jeana, and my brother-in-law Clark, all had Birthdays in May. My Birthday is the day before Jessica's on May 26th.

We spent a lot of time at my grandma's house, as she has been really sick with cancer, and was preparing to go to our Heavenly Home again. She passed away on May 14. The picture of me in the floral dress on the chair is at her viewing just before the funeral and the other one at my cemetery with my cousins boy, Willy. I'm going to miss my grandma. She adored me.

We had a little Birthday party at Willow Park Zoo in Logan for my Birthday with my nieces Kinley, Madilyn, and Brooklyn, and my cousin Tarahlyn and Aunt Sheri. The theme of the party was Curious George, because he's my best buddy. Tarah gave me a puzzle, which will help with my fine motor skills. Madilyn and Kinley gave me a drum which I love to pound on. We blew bubbles and chased them, had balloons and tossed balls around on the lawn. Jeana and Joni each gave me a new ball.

I'm starting to understand what communication is, but still only use a couple signs and one or two words. I enjoy being with other kids a lot and learn a lot from watching them, as I explore and discover how things work here on earth.

We also sent my brother-in-law off to basic training, as he had joined the Army.

I crawled into my toy bucket for the first time, thinking I was pretty awesome, but then panicked because I couldn't figure out how to get out. I'm starting to try new things, even though at times I end up in quite a bind.

I'm generally happy and love to tease and giggle, and belly laugh at my movies. I love playing with my mom's hair, and my grandma's puppy Toto.

I love to sing and watch the song leader and lead the signing in church. I bring much happiness to those around. I'm the light of my Mom's world.

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