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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

 We put up or 11 foot tree that I splurged on my Home Depot charge card.  Sadie was so excited when they delivered this HUGE box to our house.  She loves looking at the lights and often falls asleep in the living room just looking at them.  We put the tree up and our decorations before Thanksgiving in anticipation of family coming for the holiday.  However, car problems and the snow storm prevented any of the kids making it. Though we were invited to a neighbors for dinner and I made a couple pies the day before in anticipation of going Sadie was grumpy and we ended up taking an afternoon nap instead and then I worked most of the day.
 Sadie dressed for Thanksgiving.. Indian braids and all
 Sadie's preschool picture of an indian
 Sadie's first time out in the snow for this year. Thanks to Cheri Stinson and her daughter handing down the coat and snow pants she can roll in it all winter.
 Our house in the snow.. Our first winter in our home.. *sigh*
A wonderful November blessing was that of Joni and Steven being sealed together with their children Brooklyn and Ben in the Dallas Temple.  I'm so proud of my children.  All 5 of my older children have all now been sealed to their families. 

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