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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jeremy & Laura's visit and Zion's National Park

 We saw a lot of these mountain sheep.   This one was just off the side of the road. I can't believe how close I live to such awesome nature.  We saw so much just from the van!   We had an awesome day.  Poor Mae got a little sick and threw up at the beginning of our road trip, but soon recovered.  Her and Sadie were just happy riding around in the van.
 My crazy son, Jeremy, doing his happy dance in the road at the entrance of a mile long tunnel drive, which I  gracefully let him do the driving through.  My anxiety was a little high, but I managed and actually enjoyed it. I don't know where he gets his goofiness   We really had a fun day in the park!
 Laura strutting her stuff .. doing her happy dance moves in the road as well.
 The girls in the van... luh.. luh luhing along.
 Sadie allowed out of the car for a bit... in the snow.. what the?

 Maeleigh taking after her father, Jeremy, and grandma Jude.. got Mae
 The girls chilling on grandma's bed, watching Monsters, Inc... ahhhhhhhh
 Maeleigh tempted by the snow after getting Sadie off the school bus
 We got Maeleigh overnight while Jeremy and Laura tripped onto Vegas overnight for their anniversary.
Decorating cookies with the girls....

I was so excited and thankful for Jeremy and Laura coming to visit.  I get so excited for my kids and grandchildren to visit and see my home.  Jeremy wanted to go to Zions and he brought me to the reality of what God's creations are in my backyard literally.  I need to get out more. I now vision more road trips in my future!!   I can't believe how much fun we had.  It was like old times with Jeremy, and with Laura. We laughed and got goofy.  Laura seconded that she knows where Jeremy gets his sick sens of humor from.  I have no clue what she was talking   Sadie LOVED having company. She cried at the door as the left a couple days later.  The kids said they can't believe how much my house is "me" and how perfect it is for Sadie and I.  They approve of my home and where I live, but then Jeremy is the one that pushed me to move here 3 years ago he planted the idea and then mom got cancer and I just couldn't leave back then. He told me back then that as he drove through Cedar on the way to Vegas he could see me living here.. that he knew it's where I belonged.  So, I guess it's not my own personal insanity that brought me here. I've had so many witnesses this is where I need to be.  The hardest.. very hardest part is being so far from family.  I miss everyone so much. My dad, my siblings, nieces, nephews, and mostly my own children and grandchildren.  It's hard knowing they don't get to see and enjoy Sadie's light on a regular basis and that's what I feel most guilty about.
However, now that I have a home... I have dubbed the weekend after Thanksgiving for my family to come visit, have a campout all over my house and combine Thanksgiving and Christmas during that week with them. I've traveled the road between Fillmore and Cedar more than once in snow storms and as I'm aging I have developed a great fear of the elements and with my poor night vision, etc., I've sworn off winter driving as much as possible. 

My children and grandchildren are my world.  I wish with all my heart they could truly feel the unconditional love I have for each and every one of them, that I didn't leave or move to be away from them, but only acted on faith and out of inspiration by my Heavenly Father.  In many ways I've become closer to my kids in the last year.

I'm so thankful for Jeremy and Laura coming and spending some time with Sadie and I.  It meant the world to me.  In a way I feel I've already had Christmas with them visiting.

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