Sunshine Sadie Mae

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yearly Cardiology Checkup Results April 26, 2010

Sadie Mae had her yearly cardiology checkup on Monday with Primary Children's, which did not go well. They discovered a new abnormality that has never been seen before on previous exams or during her first open heart surgery. She has suddenly developed a subaortic membrane with a pressure of 60++, with high normal being 20. She needs open heart surgery again within the next 2-3 months. The big concern is that it showed up suddenly and large, and it may have damaged the ventricle. I had a feeling for a week beforehand we wouldn't have good news, so mommy is a wreck. We spent the weekend with my daughter Jessica, and Sadie's nephew and niece. Sadie and I made the long drive to honeyville to the cemetery and I cried all day Sunday with emotions of missing my mom. Sadie needs ear tubes surgically put in before heart surgery. Found out yesterday she has a hole in the left ear drum. She is resistant to most all antibiotics due to so many ear infections in the last few months, making heart surgery more risky (and what they would call dirty surgery) until tubes are in. I'm a wreck... behind on work, but I'll do what it takes for my Sadie Mae....

We had a good time with Baylee, Braxton and Jessica, and I have some fun pictures I'll post later. Sadie and Braxton ran nonstop... laughing. Baylee is a doll and I couldn't hold her enough. I have the best kids and grandkids a mother could want. I'm so thankful for the good relationships we have. I'm truly blessed.

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