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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Visit To Jessica's

This would be after we got home on Monday, April 26, Sadie decides she wants to dress herself, and she's gooood. lol

My Tulips bloomed Pink, Imagine that! I knew this was the home for me!!

We took Baylee Sadie's crib and picked up Sadie's new bed and put it up in her room. She loves it!!!

Sadie in the Cemetery. We drove to Honeyville from Eagle Mountain to visit my mom's grave on Sunday. It was my second time back since she passed away last May. The tears flowed all day. I got the hate e-mail from the boyfriend ex upon my return to Eagle Mountain that night, and then the news of Sadie's heart condition and upcoming open heart surgery the next day. I've been a wreck since. Too much to take in, mourning mom with the visit to the cemetery, learning my boyfriend has dumped me through his ex-wife and that she is coming back to him, and Sadie needs unexpected open heart surgery again for a whole new problem. When it rains.. it shits!!!

Me & Baylee Ann at the playground.

Baylee Ann posing for an Anne Geddes photo Dang she's cute.

Braxton & Sadie Mae having a blast. They played so well together. Both will be having open heart surgery this year. They have more of a bond than just Aunt and Nephew...

Braxton and Sadie Mae totally faking asleep. Those two together do not sleep!

Braxton and Sadie Mae in the toy box.. best part of that is.. Sadie couldn't climb out. Kept her out of trouble for a

Beautiful Baylee Ann

This would be Me, my granddaughters, Harlyn (Jeana's girl, who is very tired) and Baylee Ann (Jessica's daughter) On Friday when Sadie and I arrived in Eagle Mountain.

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