Sunshine Sadie Mae

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ear tubes in and went well

The day started frazzled. We headed out at 9:30 giving me 4 hours to get to Salt Lake. Over an hour on the road I discovered I'd left my purse home, so I turn around and headed back home, called the hospital, bawling, and they worked it so we could still get the surgery done today, which I'm very thankful for because I'd have to change her heart surgery as well.

The surgery is so simple, taking less than 20 minutes and
Sadie did really well, but because of her heart they are keeping us overnight in observation. The nurses attempted calling the doc to discharge us early, but he didn't answer, so Sadie has been rearranging the floor and climbing the walls. I'd gladly make the drive home in the middle of the night. I'm not looking forward to 4-7 days in the hospital with her in July after open heart...nothing slows this lil chickie down.

Thank you to my good friends and family for your support, and for the prayers. I have felt the strength it has given us and blessings to get through a simple surgery, yet stressful as well.

Doubly hard today is that it is the year mark of my mom passing away. Life here is so short.

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