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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long week/sick Sadie Mae

Last week seemed very long and yet full of stress and some excitement as well. Sadie missed all week of school. We were in the doctor's office, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but hey we avoided a hospital stay.. Whew. Monday she was diagnosed with ear infections, bronchitis (bacteremia) and a red throat with a fever and cough, and given a shot of Rocephin, and back in the office for a recheck on Tuesday. Tuesday the doctor could hear more crackles in the lung bases, but her oxygen saturations were good so she sent her home on oral antibiotics to top off the shot from Monday. Wednesday she had worsened, fever, lethargic, wheezing, and struggling to breathe, so we were back in the doctors office again with sats running at 83%. However, her white blood cell count had been trending downward, meaning the antibiotics were doing their thing as far as the infection goes. She was given a breathing treatment in the office which brought her sats up and was sent home with a nebulizer and breathing treatments. The first treatments I had to create a new wrestling hold to hold her and keep the mask on her face while she breathed in the ... eventually she cooperated, realizing it was opening her airway and helping her.

I felt bad having to drag her to the store, pharmacy and to the medical supply store in the cold and snow, but I had no other choice, being a single parent, but we do what we have to do. It's such a struggle going to bed at night with worry and fear for my child's health, and no one to give me any reassurance or comfort. I wonder if one ever gets used to alone. Beth, and older from my ward back in Smithfield, says's always hard, no matter how long you have been alone nor how young or old one is. But, I'm strong, so they say. I have to be, by force.

The realtor called with a home that had just come on the market, cheap, a foreclosure that was a lot like the one home I have been drooling over and wanted me to see it, and I finally did and fell absolutely in love with the place. It screamed Julie.. Julie Julie.... soooo... I made an offer on the house, and I've been on the edge of my seat, waiting anxiously for the bank to decide between my offer and another, making for a long weekend. I've driven to the neighborhood and by the house every day since, afraid to hope, and yet afraid to not hope. I really need this house. I really need a place to call home. I'm the type of person who needs roots and a place to call my own, to be at ease. I need this house. Sadie needs this house. I've been praying for it.

We made it to church today. Sadie's still a bit grumpy, still quite congested, and coughing, but has been without fever for a couple days, and we really needed to get out. Sadie so loves church and being around other people. The members in our ward really enjoy her and don't mind telling me so either. The people in the drug store smile big when they see us coming and know Sadie by name and She brings so much happiness to those around her. Her light just shines. Jeremy blessed her to be a ray of sunshine to all she comes in contact with, and that she is. She's my sunshine, my hope and my life.

Sadie was supposed to have her yearly cardiology appointment with Primary Children's tomorrow, but due to the respiratory illness she has to be better for 4 weeks before they will risk sedating her for the echocardiogram, so we have rescheduled that for March 29th, and will probably spend the weekend with Jessica and Clark, and enjoy sometime with them, Baylee and Braxton :) <3 <3

Spring has to be on it's way soon... my fingers are itching to play in the dirt and grow some flowers and veggies.

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