Sunshine Sadie Mae

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

 We carved Sadie's first pumpkin, ever!  I haven't carved on in years, and this is the first year Sadie has developed enough to take an interest in holiday's and participating.  It sure makes holiday's more fun for me!
 Dig the way I pink taped her they are soo crooked..

 She sooo hated the wings and wanted me out of the way of the TV, but I get my way when it comes to pictures. :D
                                                           Sadie still protesting the wings
 The little snobby.. "I got my way" look after I removed the wings. After Halloween.. she wanted them on over and over.. as she is now trying to "dress" herself.. it is quite comical.

 We got a surprise for Halloween. Jeana, Kurt and Harlyn came for an overnight visit and to spend Halloween with us. It was so fun actually preparing a meal, let alone a holiday, for the kids, which wasn't much on my budget, but I finally felt was doing something for someone.  We went to the church's trunk or treat and had hot dogs and let the girls decorate a Halloween cookie.  Kurt and Jeana was not impressed with the Cedar winds.  I said.. this isn't wind.. give it a month or too... oz
Harlyn says bag the good food .. give me a sucker!  She loves suckers.  Suckers frustrate Sadie Mae because she can't bite them.  There was very little candy Sadie would tolerate eating. She'd chew the skittles a little for the flavor, but spit out the sticky goo..  I win!

I was so surprised and very happy the kids came to visit.  They can't make it for Thanksgiving when some of the others come for dinner, so they made it up to me early.  <3   I have the bestest kids.. <3


Suzie said...

I LOVE the little snobby look :-) Can't believe how big she is now!

Kurt And Jeana said...

We had so much fun visiting:) Thanks for the laughs