Sunshine Sadie Mae

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School year scrapbook page & First Eye Glasses

A page out of Sadie's scrapbook from pre-school
Sadie always colors, paints and draws with such intent.
Sadie wearing her new glasses for the first time.

We found a pink wading pool for Sadie.. it's part of her Birthday
late, and she loves it!

Sadie got her glasses today. She growled at the technician at first, but we kept telling her how pretty she was and after that she loved them and was even more excited about saying hi..hi.. hi.. to everyone at the pharmacy and the grocery store. After we got home, that was a different story... I had to go looking for them several times, but I am surprised she has worn them as much as she has and in time I think she'll wear them. It's hard to fit her tiny nose and funky ears and head... they slip off her nose a lot. Maybe she'll enjoy actually seeing the world a bit clearer now.

Yesterday was a challenging day to say the least. Sadie plays in her poo when she gets a chance and I generally try to watch her close and get her changed before she gets time to think about it, but last night I didn't think she'd go and when I went to check on her she had finger painted her Television, the drawers, and herself..... We went right for the tub and I spent the evening disinfecting and cleaning up. I handled it well, but man... I cried later on, and laughing now... I guess it's the artist in her. She loves to fingerpaint and maybe we need to do that with actual paints at home more and maybe get out play dough, etc., and experiment. She loves to color with sidewalk chalk. The girls next door, ages 11 and 14, came over tonight and colored on the driveway with her so I could get my petunias planted out front without having to chase her down the street. She heads right down the sidewalk to the church or the school playground!!! She is so at home here. We really do love our house and neighbors and ward members. I really do feel in that respect we are where we are supposed to be living. Lexy, the 11 year-old next door, is one of my girls I work with in Achievement days for church. Yes, I have a calling. They called me to be a primary worker about 4 weeks ago. It feels good to be serving again. It really does... and the girls adore Sadie.. and Sadie loves the girls.

I was thinking as I was rocking and singing Sadie "Baby Mine" last night,,, that I'd clean up poo every day forever if we didn't have to go through heart surgery again. I'm really anxious and nervous about it this time... Well I was last time too, but being through it once before doesn't make it easier. My life was crazy even back then, but losing mom, trying to come to terms with the realization that there has never been nor ever will be a male companion I can depend on for any emotional support whatsoever and that God's complete plan is not truly meant for me, makes it all the harder. Dad's going to be there at least the day of the surgery, which I'm very thankful for. I need to call the University Inn and see if I can get a room cheap still while she's in PICU as I can't stay with her those days. It will be here before I know it.

Kinley and Madilyn are coming the end of the month for 10 days, until July 4th, and then Sadie's surgery will be the next week, July 12th. We have to have preop tests done Sunday, July 11, but that won't take long.

Please pray for my Sadie Mae, for me, and for her siblings. Joni is having a really hard time being in Florida, and not being here with her... and Jeni has expressed much anxiety over it as well, and her cousin, Kinley, prays for her best buds heart every night. Jeana, worries too. Jessica, I worry about as well, because Braxton needs open heart surgery this year too for a hole in his heart and I don't want our experience making her even more anxious for Braxton's. I can't imagine life without my lil white tornado.

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