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Saturday, January 3, 2009

My First Experience with Snow

This is my favorite sitting position, usually with my blanky between my legs and my binky in my mouth as well. I'm just so stink'n cute. I'm truly loved <3

Mom was a little excited about me experiencing snow for the first time this year (not because she likes it all that much). It's been kind of my year for a lot of firsts. Last year I was still on continuous oxygen, not walking, etc.

Mom got me a taboggan she thought would be nice to take me down the hill in to grandpa's and back. Well, this cute little tabboggan was like a mini snowplow and we dragged 3 feet of snow all the way to grandma and grandpa's. Mom got her workout both downhill and up, and that has been my first and only experience in the snow this year. I won't walk in my boots, I hate mittens, hats and coats; all are just too restrictive (and mom can't argue that one because she won't wear them either).
So, the pictures are nice, and will be the last of them this winter!! However, I do find it fascinating to watch the snow flakes fall from the sky.

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