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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve we went to Grandma's for awhile and then mom & I came home and basically had a normal evening for us. I really don't comprehend what presents are, Santa, etc., so this Christmas for me was about the lights and getting better from surgery. As you can see in the pictures I really was kind of backward to the whole idea. I didn't unwrap my presents. Mom helped me. The church was generous to us. The Relief Society ward members got me new blanket sleepers, socks, tights, boots and a warm hat to wear. The young women also took us on as a "project" and got me some new clothes, filled a stocking with stuff for me and for mom. We both got bath and body works good smelly stuff. Mom feels funny about accepting charity, but also realized how fun it must of been for the young women to pick out things for me and getting me a toy, etc. They also got mom a pink (pink tends to be our color) bathrobe, which shows in the picture of us Christmas morning.

We had Christmas dinner at Grandma's and grandpa's. I saw all my siblings and nieces and nephew, except Jeana's family.

The bestest gift of all, however, was my brand new niece, Jeana & Kurt's baby, Harlyn Marie, born at 3:15 Christmas morning. Mom called it. She told Jeana she'd be born Christmas day, and she was. Mom, also, was the only one who thought she was a girl before they found out. Of course, I knew all this, but I can't tell anyone. Ha..ha...

It was kind of a quiet uneventful day otherwise. When the sun started setting I got anxious and wanted to be home watching Monsters or the Grinch. Mommy struggled a few times and I saw a tear in her eye, something to do about not being a complete family. She is very thankful to have me in her life. She calls me her angel, her mini-savior, and the light of her life, but she doesn't feel complete I can tell. I hope someday she gets the secret desires of her heart and finds a good man who will love her and make her feel special, because she is ya know, but she doesn't feel it. I don't mind so much not having what others call a "daddy" probably cuz I don't have an understanding of what one is, but I do know I have an awesome grandpa, brother and brother-in-laws, and I do know that Heavenly Father & Jesus think I'm someone special indeed. I'm so loved.

Me & mom thinks, Jeana & Kurt got the best gift of all, their own little angel to love and cherish. The greatest gift of all, the gift of life.

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Kurt And Jeana said...

Your christmas looked perfect Sades! we miss you! And Harlyn wants to meet you and momma super bad!

Mom you better read these messages I leave sadie to her