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Friday, December 12, 2008

November & Thanksgiving 2008

In November I got my haircut for the very first time by my sister, Jessica, who cut a total of 7 inches off my hair. Mom had a hard time not bawling. She's such a boob.

Mom & I drove to Eagle Mountain for Thanksgiving dinner at Jessica and Clark's home, and I got to see my brother and 4 of my sisters, my nephew and my nieces. I had a really fun day. I didn't even get anxious or nervous, until late in the afternoon after mom was playing the piano and singing Christmas songs with me, Kinley and Brooklyn, I backed into a corner and started pulling my hair. This signaled mom it was time to go and I slept all the way home.

I have the best family. I get to go to the gym every week and play with Kinley, Brooklyn and Madilyn, and jump on the trampolines and climb. Everything that I refuse to do with physical therapy. I'm very stubborn that way. It has to be my idea and in my own timing, and I refuse to do anything in front of anyone until I know I can do it to perfection.

I can climb up the stairs really well now, and I can slide down them on my bum, but holding onto mom's hand. I probably could do it alone, but I'm not so confident yet. I still sometimes forget how to climb off the bed and out of the rocking chair and couches I love to climb and still biff the floor occasionally.

I got another ear infection just before Thanksgiving, and the doctors think my right tube has come out, so I'm having surgery in December.

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Kurt And Jeana said...

Sadie, we love you! Your hair cut is so pretty.