Sunshine Sadie Mae

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sick, again

Mom took me to the doctor again on Tuesday, Sept. 9, because I have still been irritable and started developing a diaper rash. My left ear is infected and I have a yeast infection in my diaper area, probably due to the antibiotics I've been on. Of course, now I am on another course of antibiotics (10 days) for my ear, a cream for my rash, and I've gone from my bowel obstruction to diarrhea, which all contributes to my sore sore raw bottom, making me very miserable and mommie very sad and feeling at a loss at what to do for me next.

Tomorrow is the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk. My grandparents are going, even my grandma who is fighting stage 4 liver cancer is going to be there for me. My nieces, Kinley, Madilyn and Brooklyn are coming, my cousins Tarah and Alex, my aunt Sheri, uncle Randy and Aunt Sandy. I'm excited I get to wear my Cinderella costume and a crown, as the Theme is Prince and Princesses. If you don't know already, my name Sadie means Princess.

It's also my grandpa's Birthday tomorrow, so we get to party at his house tomorrow evening also. Mom sure hopes I'm feeling better and I can enjoy my day.

My new favorite movie is Peter Pan. We play it over and over and over..again.... I clap my hands and wave them in the air with excitement when it begins. When it ends I sign "more" to mom. Mom signs "more" and says Peter Pan back to me and I flap my arms and giggle.. and sign more again. Mom says.. whatever it takes to get me to sign!


Lily said...

She was a doll at the Buddy Walk! I am posting pictures!

Kurt And Jeana said...

Oh sadie.... Do you ever get any better?